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Colors of life - Igdeep
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If you’re looking for amazing cake, you’ve got to order from (C&B)! The ordering process was easy and they communicated with me the whole time. The fruits cake we got was AWESOME! It was super moist, the flavor was great, and the frosting was excellent. It also doesn’t hurt that we got it for a great price, plus (C&B) delivered right to our door but in my time I had to collect from their place. We will definitely be ordering from (C&B) again for our next celebration, or maybe sooner! If they delivered in my place.

Priyanka Nag Kolkata
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As a new customer..I was skeptical initially..bt to be very honest ..the decor and the taste was exactly the same I was looking for...Thanks to Priyanka madam for baking such lip-smacking cakes for true cake lovers like me ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Keerthi Binay Das Kolkata
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The cake was literally the showstopper of the evening. It was both a work of art and a festive of flavours! And it brought such joy to the birthday boy and everyone present that I couldn't thank enough for it. The cake displayed beautiful memories and helped create new ones.I could run out of words now but would fail to tell the ineffable fun and joy the cake was both to the eyes and tongue. The day couldn't have been made more better with the presence of the cake. I thank Cakes and Bakes a million times over for making the masterpiece just the way we wanted it and bringing it with such care to our home.