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Brands of Whipped Cream

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Whipped cream to bakers is like a pen to a writer, a stethoscope to a doctor, a camera to a photographer, and electricity to a physicist. Anyone who has ever baked will know how important whipped cream is for baking. Now, it is a problem faced by many that there isn’t perfect whipped cream available in the market. Or, is it possible that there is and you don’t know about it because there are many brands of whipped cream amongst which you can choose the best according to you? Professional bakers still know about different brands and qualities, but for others, they take whatever whipped cream they see in the supermarket first. This post is for all of you who bake, whether professionally or occasionally. This post is dedicated to guiding you through the brands of whipping cream available in India. Have a read and make sure that you have the best whipped cream for your cake.

Whipped cream has basically three types: dairy, non-dairy, and powdered.

Dairy : Dairy whipped cream is made of milk. This is not very popular in the hot climate of India because its texture doesn’t allow the frosting to be long-lasting. If you still prefer dairy whipped cream, make sure that it has a 30% fat content and frost it in the refrigerator.

The brands that have dairy whipped cream on the market are:

•    Amul

•    Purez 

•    Malai magic

Among them, Amul is the best, although its availability is slightly irregular.

Non-Dairy: Non-dairy whipped creams are most popular among bakers. It is often made with vegetable fat and soy. It gives the cake the perfect look. There are five brands of non-dairy whipped cream that you will get in Indian markets.

Rich: Rich is the most popular in the baking community because of its variety of products and different flavors. Some of the best products by Rich are Rich’s Gold, Rich Whip Topping, Rich Excel Whip, and Rich Silver Whip.

• Tropolite: Tropolite doesn’t have a variety of options. It has only one flavor. But, according to some, it’s better in taste.

Dlecta: According to Dlecta’s website, Dlecta whipped cream needs to be kept in the bridge overnight. It has been well reviewed and is well-known amongst the bakers.

Powder: Powdered whipped cream comes in powder form and can be stored for up to 9 months. It is mixed with milk before use and tastes the best so far. The company famous for powdered whipped cream is Baker’s Whip. It also comes in many flavors, and the texture is great for frosting.

Now that you have a clear idea about the various brands of whipped cream, I hope you will choose the one you like the best.

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