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Types of Candles


A cake without a candle is like a bike without petrol, a curry without salt, and a handbag without a handle. Are you convinced about the importance of candles, or should I bring out more irritating examples? If you are, then you must know what types of candles you can have with your cake delivery. Without a proper candle, not only may your wishes not come true, but all those snaps while cutting cake may not look as good as you would expect. So, here’s a guide to candles that would light up the whole party and make all your dreams come true.

There are mainly four types of candles that are generally included in cake deliveries. Most of these candles are included in the delivery without any extra cost.

  1. Sparkling Candle: The sparkling flames from one large candle often feel exciting to the person cutting the cake. The basic ingredients are fuel, metal, an oxidizer, and a binder. The colors of the candles are pretty tacky, but it’s the effect that makes it remarkable. A regular 10-inch sparkling candle burns for 50–90 seconds, which is enough to capture a beautiful shot as it Is very photogenic. This is often delivered with cake without any extra charge or at a minimum cost.
  2. Spiral Candles: Spiral candles are aesthetic and made of wax. It can be aromatic, smokeless, or dripless. It also comes for free or at a minimal price. They last longer than any other type of candle, often getting reused on other occasions. They also come in mesmerizing colors like rose gold, silver gold, and many more.
  3. Number Candles: These are the most common candles, with a longevity of 2–3 hours. Since the past few decades, these have been the candles used for birthdays or anniversaries since they denote the age or time of marriage. While many people like it, many feel that it’s a little boring and doesn’t go well with fancy cakes. However, it is free with cake delivery all over India.
  4. Magic Candles: Magic candles are very fun. It reignites again and again and cannot be extinguished, no matter how hard you try. These are also called trick candles. The actual material in it Is magnesium in the wick of the candle, while the parafin vapors off. These come in a small pack with multiple numbers since they are tiny in size and are placed all over the cake. They are also sometimes included in the cake delivery.

Now that you know all the candle types, you can actually look up what kind of candle is being delivered with the cake and order something else if you don’t like it.

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