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Why Kids love Harry Potter Cake

harry potter quidditch theme cake

It is said that number 13 is unlucky. However, the mother of Harry Potter, aka J. K. Rowling, would strongly disagree because it was the 13th publishing house that picked up her manuscript, and the story, rejected by 12 publications, went on to become probably the most loved series. Though it has captivated adults with its charm as well, it was intended for children, and it has been successful in creating a different world for them. Kids love not only Harry Potter but also everything related to or barely linked to Harry Potter. After the release of the first Harry Potter film, there was a surge of buyers in pet shops who were kids and wanted to buy frogs or owls, which HP characters used to have as pets. This proves on what level Harry Potter appeals to kids. In this article, we will explore why Kids love Harry Potter. What is it that has made Harry Potter more than a successful series of books and blockbuster movies—a renowned franchise? We will try to explore child psychology and bring out five reasons why kids are so obsessed with Harry Potter.

1. The Storyline: Harry Potter has the most amazing storyline. There’s everything in it that the kids love to see. Thrilling mysteries, chilling adventure, refreshing friendship, and happily ever after The story spanning seven books is like a big piece of a jigsaw puzzle, with little things having great importance to complete the story. This storyline is the main focus of all Harry Potter stories.

2. The setting: Harry Potter, although it begins in London, soon moves its main location to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. This school of magic is concealed from muggles (non-magical people) and is located in a beautiful place. The central characters of the series are students at that school, which eventually becomes the place where everything happens, including the ending. Hogwarts has been so popular that many people write in their Facebook bios that they graduated from Hogwarts.

3. Magic: Kids love magic. Be it a magic show or a magical fairy tale, they would be engrossed in it. And Harry Potter has a story that revolves around magic. A school where spells and charms are taught, A land where wands are their best friends Why won’t kids love it?

4. Fantasy World: Although Harry Potter has its roots in the real world and its roots are interpolated into the real world, it has created a different fantasy world. In that world, magical things happen and unbelievable incidents take place on a daily basis, but that is normal for that world. Muggles or non-magicians would call it absurd, but that world, hidden from the rational muggles, has particular systems and rules. Kids, after reading Harry Potter, are often transported to that world, and they love it there.

5. Relative Characters: Harry Potter tells the story of a journey from being an ordinary human to becoming one of the chosen ones. The great Harry Potter, a physically weak boy bullied by his cousin, used to sleep under the stairs until one day he got an invitation to join Hogwarts. This is the point that attracts kids the most. They relate to Harry Potter and his helplessness. They feel escalated when Harry finally wins the battle because inside every kid, there is a Harry Potter who wants to be fighting for good over evil. Other characters, such as bossy and genius Hermione, such as Dumb and loyal Ron, naïve yet courageous Nevil, and dreamer Luna, are also very relatable.

We can analyze Harry Potter for our satisfaction in many ways, but the fact is that Kids Love Harry Potter. Why, that doesn’t matter so much. Harry Potter cakes are very popular for kids birthdays. If you are from Kolkata and have a little potter head (that’s what these kids call themselves) whom you want to be the happiest on his or her birthday, you can order from Cakes and Bakes. They make Harry Potter theme-based cakes and customized cakes as well, using both cream and fondant. They use the best ingredients for the cake and decorate it with utmost perfection. So why wait? Visit their website, and if you like their products, order a Harry Potter-themed cake for your little “”chosen one.”

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