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Cake Delivery in Kolkata

cake delivery in kolkata

If your Kolkata mornings don’t start with hot tea in earthen cups and your lunch doesn’t contain the famous aloo biriyani, If your afternoons don’t intermingle blissful crowdedness with fish fry from the cabin or puffed rice mix by the lake, I am sorry, but you are living in the wrong Kolkata. Kolkata, the food paradise for everyone, has a list of famous foods that would drain out the ink of your pain yet not end. No, I am kidding. You can check Google. However, as the famous try-outs are scattered all over the city, home delivery has taken the position of the No. 1 emerging business in Kolkata. Because of the ease-loving and slothful nature of humans, everything has been included in the home delivery system, from x-ray reports to blood test reports. Home delivery is as important as the restaurant or food joint, as everyone wants to enjoy the surreal taste of good food in the comfort of their home, where handlicking or grinding the bone of a chicken leg piece won’t meet any judgement from strangers. In the pre-Zomato era, home delivery was available in a few selected restaurants that used to have a PHN number and their own delivery executive. It was a problem back then because several restaurants only took orders for large quantities. However, with the introduction of Swiggy or Zomato, home delivery in Kolkata saw the beginning of a new chapter.

While food home delivery has been completely invaded by Swiggy and Zomato, cake delivery is still individually owned. There are many baking companies or businesses in Kolkata that deliver cakes to doorsteps. Cake delivery is way more risky and troublesome than food delivery because the delivery executive has to maintain the decoration of the cake, which is one of the main attractions. However, there is Cakes and Bakes, an online baking company that delivers cakes in perfect condition all over Kolkata, from Shyambazar to Joka, and in some places beyond Kolkata like Panihati, Budgebudge, and even Norendrapur. While other cake delivery companies have delivery charges that are a little unreasonable in many cases, they deliver cakes for free within 1 km and with minimal charges in other places, too, on a fixed schedule. They are well known for their fantastic delivery system, where the cake reaches you just as it comes out of the oven. Their delivery agents handle it with the utmost care, not quashing even a bit. 25 percent of their reviewers have mentioned their delivery as smooth and flawless, along with admiration for their design and tastes. They have regular cakes, theme cakes, and customized cakes that can be finalized over the phone. So if you’re craving good cake delivered to our doorstep without any damage, you must give Cakes & Bakes a try.

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