Send cakes to Kolkata Online

There are hundreds of websites that send cakes to Kolkata online. Cakesandbakes is a premium online bakery which you can use to send cakes...
annaprashan decoration cakes

Annaprashan Cakes Decoration in Kolkata

Annaprashan is the first solid food that a baby feeds on after being breastfed. It is a weaning ceremony celebration. Annaprashan Cake ordered with...
mixed fruit cake

Buy Mixed Fruit Cakes in Kolkata

The mixed fruit cake is the most adaptable cake ever. It is the best way to use up an abundance of any fruit, even...

Order Lotus Biscoff Cakes in Kolkata

The story of Lotus Biscoff starts in 1932 in a local bakery in Lembeke, a Belgian town in Europe. Lotus Biscoff is a biscuit...
teachers day

Celebrate Teachers Day with Designer Cakes

Teacher's Day in India commemorates the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and celebrated on 5th September every year. Teacher’s Day is an important...

Buy Online Chess Board Cakes

Chess is an indoor game and many of us have grown up playing chess and love the game. No matter how much video games...
minecraft cake

Order Online Minecraft Video Game Cakes

Minecraft is a popular adventure sandbox video game released in 2011, and it is considered the best-selling video game of all time. Minecraft is...
whupped cream cakes

Brands of Whipped Cream

Whipped cream to bakers is like a pen to a writer, a stethoscope to a doctor, a camera to a photographer, and electricity to...
rakhi for sister

Rakhi Wishes : Make your sister or brother feel special

Rakhi comes only once a year. But sibling bonds are made for every day. Rakhi wishes is a good way to solidify the bond....
rose petal pista rasamalai cakes

Rasmalai Cakes – A fusion with bengali sweets

While the whole world can relish fancy western desserts like cake, pudding, or custard, it has always been tough for Bengalis. The different varieties...