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Rasmalai Cakes – A fusion with bengali sweets

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While the whole world can relish fancy western desserts like cake, pudding, or custard, it has always been tough for Bengalis. The different varieties of Bengali sweets come directly into conflict with western deserts. The tug of war between ‘Payesh’ and cake on birthdays, the wrestling match between ‘MishtiDoi’ and fruit custard, the occasional cat fight between Donut and Rasmalai—with British Deserts’ growing market in Kolkata, for Bengalis it has become very troublesome to choose between their comfort sweets and new delicacies. However, with the invention of Rasmalai Cake, this dilemma seems to have come to a halt, and it has become a new hot favorite among Bengalis.

Before you throw yourself into the musings of Rasmalai or Rasmali cake, you should have a proper guide to give you ample information about it. It’s always better to know the facts, isn’t it?

For the beginning, let’s talk about the materials used in Rasmalai cakes. It is the same usual sponge cake, covered in cream. Then what makes the difference? Well, unlike regular cakes, there is very little or no use of whipped cream. The creamy texture, or malai,” is used, and the juice of Rasmalai is mixed with the cream. In addition, there is the flavor of pista and kesar as they are ground with the cream. Actual sweets or original Rasmalai are also used for decoration, usually on the top. Another good thing about Rasmalai Cake is that artificial essence isn’t used in it.

While Rasmalai is a flavor like Butter Scotch, Chocolate, or Strawberry, it is also a favorite topping of everyone. Like other flavors, it can also be customized. The outside decoration doesn’t have to be yellow or cream. It can be customized as well.

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