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Cakes for parents and elders in Kolkata

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We all have childhood memories that we have cherished so far and would like to cherish forever. Our childhood birthday memories have a special place in our hearts. Mummy making homemade sweets, Dadi giving money and blessings, and Papa bringing the cake while returning from work. Do you remember how your father never asked you what your favourite flavor was, yet always brought your latest favourite flavour? Do you remember how all day long your mother used to prepare dishes that you loved and your grandpa decorated your room with any type of light you wanted? I’m sure you do.

When we were young, we knew only our birthdays. But as we grow up and become adults, we realize that our parents also have birthdays. They may not make any hustle about their special birthdays, but now that we are also adults, it should be our duty to make it special for them. And when we are talking about making a birthday special, what’s better than a cake? Cakesandbakes in Deshapriya Park makes the best cakes for parents in Kolkata.

For most people of the new generation who stay away from home for many reasons, such as education or work, it is not possible to be present with our parents on their birthdays. But sending a cake, especially as a surprise, would make them feel your presence and your love within their reach. This can be hectic since you would be confused and start thinking about what cake to get, how it would be delivered, what they may like, and what not. Well, to help you, there is Cakes and Bakes, who would absolutely help you get the best cake for the elders when you are away.

Cakes & Bakes, the top bakery in Kolkata, not only has a lot of options of cakes varying in size and flavor for you but also makes customized cakes. You can order a cake with your father’s favorite football, a cake with your mother’s favorite Gitobitaan, or your grandpa’s favorite 70s Gramaphone theme cake. Everything is possible. They have the usual flavors that are common; in addition, they can make any special flavour you want. There is a problem that elders always complain about: the cake has too much cream and is therefore not good for them. Cakes and Bakes can customized to ensure it is less sweet, such as coffee, dark chocolate flavour etc. For those whose parents have sugar, they have the option of sugar-free cake. It’s completely healthy without being tasteless. Not only for parents, you can also order for other elders like uncles, aunts, or grandparents. Add a card with it with personalized greetings, and they will feel like you are with them even though you are away from them. If you are searching for the best cake shop to send a cake for parents in Kolkata – your search is over. Next thing you know, they open the door, and seeing your name on the sender’s place, their heart fills up with joy.

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