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Previously, it was men and women. Slowly, it’s turning into men vs. women. It’s not feminism’s fault, but gradually, we are forgetting that if women possess half of the sky, men have the other half. The true betterment of the human condition isn’t possible without men, just as it is impossible without women. So men are not women’s competitors; they are companions. They deserve to be loved and cared for just as women do. Somewhere under their machismo, they also crave acts of love and care. So, sometimes, it’s a woman’s duty to do something for her man.

Now, it’s confusing what nice things can be done for men. Well, sweetness never fails. A little surprise cake would instantly lighten up even the most serious face. So, for a man, a cake as a token of appreciation would be great.

Now, it’s way more confusing to choose what type of cake to get for a man in Kolkata. We know the trouble of choosing cake for men in a city like Kolkata. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to common cakes for men and give you new ideas about what type of cake would be best for the man in your life.

Following the stereotypes, cakes for men usually follow the color tone of black, grey, or blue. Often topped with things that men use, these cakes are also made in many shapes. The common cakes for men have things like a cream moustache, a cream razor, and cream shoes on top with a coating of blue, black, or white cream or fondant. There are many common masculinity-themed cakes available for men in the Kolkata baking market. But Cakes & Bakes has brought the thought of special and unique cakes for men to Kolkata. They are offering customized cakes for men in Kolkata at a super-affordable price without compromising on quality.

It is also a little confusing to decide what design to order for men in Kolkata. We also have ideas for that. Here are five ideas for customized cakes:

• Almost every man loves bikes or cars. You can order a Maruti Suzuki-shaped cake or a cake with a Harley-Davidson on top of it. Of course, not a real one, just a little, sweet, chocolaty one. You can also order a travel-themed cake with your ideas.

Liquor bottle-shaped cakes are also a good idea. If you know what his favorite drink is, order a customized cake with that shape of bottom.

• Customized cakes are always very personal. So why not add a personal touch to it? A cake with the theme of his favorite book Or Seri would let him know that you actually get him and his ideas.

Sport theme cakes never go wrong with men, be it cricket or football. Give him a cake with Manchester’s logo, the design of Messi’s LM10, or a cake with a cricket pitch on it, and he will be flying in the air.

Video games are also a good idea. Check out the new video games on his Play Station and come up with an idea for a cake for your man related to video games. He would be surprised by that. All the customized cakes can be made and delivered to your doorstep by Cakes and Bakes. You can check out their website to get an idea of the customized cakes they have made previously for men. So, don’t wait anymore and give him the best cake for men in India.

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