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Game of Thrones Theme Cakes near Paddapukur

game of thrones

Since its first season in 2011, Game of Thrones commonly known as GOT has claimed the throne in the hearts of its audience. GOT has its loyal, cult followers who can really stage a fight for their favourite character. Game of Thrones with its medieval settings, dynamic characters, suspenseful storyline, transports the audience to a different world where prince betrays the king for the kingdom, dragons are tamed and used as pets, and sinister relationships follow everyone and everything. There is something fascinating about the series which had made its follower bring it out of television and successfully turn it into a franchise. Game of Thrones T-shirts are famous, and parties are thrown with a GOT Theme. It would be surprising for you to know that even in 2022, 11 years after the show started and 3 years after the show ended, renowned universities and colleges have GOT themed freshers and farewell parties which shows how GOT has stepped out its time and a must watch for every cinephile.

If you are having a GOT themed party near Paddapukur and looking for a GOT themed cake, you can check out GOT cakes made by Cakes and Bakes, the Kolkata-based 5 Star bakery. In past, they have made many Game of Thrones cakes and have been able to customize and improve the quality of the cake while bringing out the perfect Game Of Thrones vibes through the decorations. 

There are Game of Thrones-themed cakes all over the internet. Not only common people but also celebrities have been seen with GOT cakes to show their authentic craziness for the show. Hollywood couple Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello rang in the eighth and final season with a two-tiered iron throne cake dripping in fondant blood and decorated with edible dragon scales. Truly horrific yet intriguing, isn’t it? 

game of thrones

In Cakes and Bakes GOT themed cakes are made using Cream based designs as well as Fondant designs. When it is a strictly photo based cake, sugar sheet is used on the poster. If it is a Game of Thrones themed cake, it is often decorated with things that are seen as representative of the series, such as a throne on the top or dragons in many other places. To represent the Royal highness and the castles, cakes can be made into two tiers and castle shapes as well. Fondant designs can bring out the perfect theme design without making the cake too sweet.

Cakes and Bakes is well reputed for their movie themed cakes all over Kolkata and is highly rated with good reviews on social media. So you can trust them with your Game of Thrones themed cake and give it a try. 

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