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Order Photo cakes in Kolkata near Gariahat


What are Photo Cakes and where can I buy them in Kolkata near Gariahat ? Any simple cake can be made into a Photo Cake in Kolkata. Your child may suddenly decide he wants his film star or maybe a cartoon character on his birthday cake. What if their isn’t enough time to get a customized designer cake. Simply get a good quality photo from Google and share it to us on Whatsapp at 9830341866 or via email . Once you have sent the photo , you can call us regarding the main cake flavour and cream . Cakes and Bakes is located very near to places like Gariahat , Hidusthan Park , Rash Behari Avenue and Ballygunge. Cakes and Bakes is FSSAI certified where you will get beautiful looking cakes for your birthdays or anniversaries. Even if you are 7-8 kms away from Gariahat as we provide safe home delivery.

Our Photo cakes in Kolkata gallery includes superhero like Spiderman, Superman , Iron Man and stars like Shahrukh Khan or Disha Patani. But the most regularly used photos in photo cakes are of your own family. A the photo of your son or daughter or father or mother is common. Sometimes a photo of your wedding or photo of a special vacation – the option is endless !

The base of the photo cake is a normal whipped cream cake. On top of the cake is a icing sheet or sugar sheet ,which is edible . Most bakers use a special quality ink to ensure best results . When you order photo cakes in Kolkata, single tier cakes is common. But we also use edible photo prints on two tier and 3 tier cakes. Even fondant cakes can have photo prints in it. You can check out our 5 star ratings for photo cakes in Kolkata in Google My Business.

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