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Best Butterscotch cakes near Southern Avenue


Who doesn’t love butterscotch ! As a flavour butterscotch has been a classic and favourite for generations – be it on Cakes or Ice Cream. Living near Southern Avenue and Dhakuria Lake as a kid , my dad used to take us to Vivekananda Park or Safari Park on Sundays for Ice Cream treat. My regular choice there used to be Butterscotch. A common mistake or rather assumptions is that, butterscotch cake is same as Caramel cake . But they are different as a flavour.

When we were young , and we used to go to the cake shops – it was quite simple. There would be a white colored cake which would be Vanilla flavour, there would be a pink colored cake – Strawberry , what else 🙂 . The traditional chocolate cake which would be quite dark – maybe with some chocolate shards or twirls. The butterscotch cake would be the one with yellow cream with some light brownish drizzle and twirls on the top . This would be the only butterscotch cake we knew but to us , it was the best butterscotch cake ever.

But times have changed – butterscotch is now just the flavour and the look could be anything. Maybe even Blue in color as a surprise, as long as the taste makes you feel you are having the best butterscotch cake .

We recently delivered few butterscotch cakes in and around Southern Avenue and Dhakuria. One had some resemblance to the classic butterscotch cake. The other one was simply different , you can view them from the thumbnails below. If you have any queries or suggestions simply call us or whatsapp us on 9830341866 or email us at [email protected]

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