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Avengers theme birthday cake designer

Avengers theme cake

When your child’s birthday is special and all he wants is a Avengers theme cake … What do you do? The backdrop which is easy to get on Amazon, a Spiderman costume if you live centrally maybe. But what about the Captain America shield ? Yeah getting the Hulk maybe difficult but if your child is a girl who does she like… Black Widow ? Jokes apart … But what about the Avengers theme cake … Well, that’s covered by us i.e. Cakes and Bakes 😀

Creating an Avengers cake can have many options, for example the pic we have shows the four central figures with 4 colours. You can also go for a photo cake having a special scene from the Avengers movie. You can also have a Captain America theme only in blue and red… Or maybe a Hulk special green colored cake. Will you be open to a Black Widow cake with black and grey or a Spider Man theme designer cake.

We at Cakes and Bakes are specialized in creating customized designer cakes and theme cakes as per your order. Our cakes are made using the best ingredients, which are kid friendly. Since we create based on your order, you can ask us to make your cake more creamy or less creamy. If you have invited a many older people we make it less sweet and obviously we offer egg less. We have been operating every day since the pandemic started and we maintain all Covid protocols. If you have been referred from another customer or have arrived from Google search in Kolkata, you have surely seen how all our customers love us. So feel free to call us at 9830341866 and discuss with us regarding your theme cake order. We are also available on WhatsApp

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