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Baby Shower Cakes near Dhakuria


Baby Shower events by name may sound western , and some people will say – What is Baby Shower ? We never had baby shower in our times ever in Kolkata , let alone celebrate with Cakes. But they would be wrong , as it is a well practiced reet ritual called Saadh. The Mom to be is showered with gifts and celebrated for the new life she is bringing to this world. The mom to be is also given a huge spread of food to eat – including all of her choicest items. Amongst all these items definitely you should include a theme based designer cake – after all who does not like cakes ? The decoration and design of the baby shower cake often can be pretty interesting . You can create on the theme of “Mom to Be” or even “parents to be”. You can create as a “gender reveal cake” or simply highlight that a child is coming , with designs showing items like , clothes line , or baby clothes and accessories ,or footprints of young ones . The ideas for Baby Shower cakes are endless but often the cakes are colored with Pink or Blue .

We at Cakes and Bakes (located near Dhakuria) understand the concept of Baby Shower Cakes and have created for many such Baby shower events . You can simply ask us to provide you with suggestions or you can simply Google for your own choices and share with us any images you find . We create customized designer cakes – where you are not limited to fixed options . You can tell us the number of guests you plan to have or the size of the cake , flavour – such as chocolate, vanilla , chocolate , strawberry , red velvet , coffee caramel , lemon curd . Also you can also opt for special fondant based designer elements .

We take all Covid 19 precautions, all our employees are double dose vaccinated and we have been delivering our cakes in and around Dhakuria along with several other locations in Kolkata , from our store near Rash Behari .

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