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Designer Harry Potter cakes in Kolkata


Designer Harry Potter theme cakes in Kolkata is one of our most popular products. At Cakes and Bakes we have baked many such Harry Potter theme cakes for various birthday parties for kids. We design the cake and customize it exactly the way the die-hard fans of Harry Potter want it to be.

Types of cakes

You can find many images for Harry Potter Cakes online and we can replicate for you. At Cakes and Bakes, we take time to discuss with you on how to perfect the theme. Your designer Harry Potter cakes can have all the elements – golden snitch, sorting hat, glasses, Griffyndor scarf, magic stick or spell books . Harry Potter theme cakes can be made simply by creating a Photo cake. The simplest harry potter cake can be a HP movie poster or picture of Harry Potter / Hermione Granger . We recently created a cream cake using minimalistic design having just the glass and a wand. But to make a grand looking designer Harry Potter cake in Kolkata, we will create a full fondant covered cake, as the ones you see above . A full tall fondant cake of two tier allows bigger canvas to improve the harry potter theme.

Flavour and Size

The Harry Potter cakes comes in different size, shapes and flavour. Regular flavours like Vanilla, Butterscotch, Strawberry, Chocolate cream or Truffle is ordered regularly. Yet many customers prefer Ferrero Roche, Rasamalai, Coffee Caramel Creamcheese as exceptional flavours. Simple Harry Potter Cakes using Photo cakes can be done in Same Day Delivery mode . We prepare both egg and eggless variants. All unique, customized HP Theme cakes are ordered at least 1-2 days in advance for the magic to happen 🙂

Delivery & Support

Harry Potter Cake home delivery at your doorstep in and around Kolkata. We rank highly for great customer experience. Call or Whatsapp us at 9830341866 or 9831157136 anytime. We would be happy to guide you on choosing the best Harry Potter designer cakes as per your need and requirements.

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