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Musical Theme Cake

Musical Theme Cake

Are you looking for the perfect musical theme cake and surprise someone who love music? At Cakes and Bakes located near Deshopriyo Park in Kolkata, we create various types of music theme cake for any type of celebration you are looking for. Be it a musical theme cake for birthday, musical theme cake for bands, musical theme cake for music professional we are all set to deliver from their favorite music artist to musical instruments like guitar, pianos, rock music, choir singing and more! Nothing better to combine their love of music with a delicious cake and surprise them. We can design the perfect musical theme cake for all music lovers in the shape of a guitar, a piano, harmonium, drums, tabla and many more. You can also share your ideas if you have something in mind and for that simply get in touch and talk about your design and we would create for you.

Cakes and Bakes, one of the fastest growing online bakery houses in Kolkata assures you all that you will get the best quality musical theme cake. Be it an egg or eggless the cakes are crafted so creatively into the form of musical instruments is sure to bring joy to any music-lover. Our musical theme cake has all the swing for music lovers of any genre they belong to. When you see someone so involved in music with their body, mind, and soul, be it a singer or musician, then gifting a musical theme cake to them is something that cannot be expressed in emotions. Nothing stands better to show your love and appreciation towards their lover for music. Our musical theme cakes are always freshly baked and we use all branded ingredients to maintain the best quality. We also have option to customize the taste of the cake too like if you want it to be less sweet or low cream. We use fondant music gears on the top of the cake be it a mic with a stand or simply a guitar or violin to make the cake look more attractive.

At Cakes and Bakes near Deshopriyo Park in Kolkata, we take all Covid 19 precautions and all our employees are double dose vaccinated to ensure safety for all. You can connect us at 9830341866 or 9831157136 any time prior to minimum 2 days before your event or occasion. We also deliver musical theme cakes in and around Kolkata and also have the facility of take away from the house of Cakes and Bakes if you wish. Place your order now and surprise a music lover with a perfectly decorated musical theme cake.

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