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Celebrating Your Pet Dog’s Birthday


Celebrating Dog’s birthday can be just as fun and exciting as birthdays celebrated for humans. There are so many ways to make your dog feel special on its big day by throwing a great party that would make the day memorable for both you and your dog. Dog parties shares a lot similarities with children’s birthday parties like lots of excitement and noise, a great deal of mess, maybe some disagreements, fun, and a bit of chaos. There are so few times in life when we can enjoy pure simple happiness, and what could be happier than making your dog to be the center of attraction and having a great time? If you’re as crazy about your precious pooch as we at Cakes and Bakes in Kolkata are, then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve all expertise skill to bake cake for your dog’s birthday.

What’s a birthday party without food, drink and specially cutting a cake? A birthday cake would definitely make your dog’s tail wagging with excitement! But one should strictly remember that dogs have a hard time and sometimes health issues breaking down the enzymes in dairy products, and eating milk, cream, or butter can lead to violent vomiting and diarrhea. So please be careful and watchful that your dog does not grab a piece of it. Dog friendly cakes need to be free of artificial ingredients, added sugars and preferable grain free for sensitive tummies.  You can order us a dog-friendly cake where we use dog safe recipes and make the process fun. Though for the humans as your guest, you can consider to make normal dog themed cakes in any flavors of your choice and could serve them to celebrate your dog’s birthday in Kolkata.

Cakes and Bakes, one of the most prestigious baking stores in Kolkata has all the experience and skill to bake cake of your choice and also making various types of customized dog cakes with fondant-based puppies or dogs as topper. Cakes always take great pride on any occasions which is why we at Cakes and Bakes give extra attention that leave with no complaints. Our expertise designer always explores new techniques on decorating the cakes which normally you won’t find out even in the branded stores. At Cakes and Bakes, we not only bake and sell cakes just for earning money but also understand the priority of our client and their satisfaction is priceless to us. So, if you are looking to order cake to celebrate your dog’s birthday then you just need to call us at 7003750183 or 9831157136. We accept all types of digital payments via Paytm, Gpay, Netbanking and UPI. We also arrange delivery right at the doorstep if you are located in and around Kolkata.

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