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Upanayana Cake in Kolkata


Every male child born in certain Hindu communities has to go through Upanayana, a Hindu sacred thread ceremony. After this ceremony the boy is ready to lead a life of Brahmacharya which leads them to disciplined and controlled living. The Upanayana ritual is marked by shaving a part of the head, overcoming of maternal love and symbolic begging. Now this Upanayana event is celebrated in a big way as the Upanayana ritual symbolises the end of an era in a boy’s life and the initiation to another. Hence, the day is celebrated in a grand way amongst family and friends. Cake and Bakes, located in Kolkata, bakes yet another Upanayana cakes in Kolkata which you can order through our portal. The freshly baked Upanayana cakes could be customized and designed as per the choice of the customer keeping the event in mind. You can choose ample of flavour as per your taste bud and shape as per your preference. Be it round, heart or rectangular shape, our designer would guide you to decide the best Upanayana cake as per your requirement in a pocket friendly price. Cakes always take great pride on any occasions which is why extra attention is paid on making of the cake so that we leave with no complaints.

Cakes and Bakes as now one of the leading baking houses near Deshopriyo Park has great review in Google and various social media platforms from our happy customers. To us customer satisfaction is our main priority hence we use all branded ingredients to maintain high standard of quality in terms of taste and look. The Upanayana cake can be ordered in egg or eggless option and also have the option to customize the taste of the Upanayana cake like if you want it to be less sweet or low cream and so on. At Cakes and Bakes in Kolkata, we also maintain Covid guidelines in our baking studio while making the cake. All our employees are double vaccinated and we use gloves, mask, head caps while preparing the Upanayana cake ensuring high quality hygienic atmosphere. We accept all types of digital payments via Paytm, Gpay, Netbanking and UPI. You just need to give us a call 7003750183 or 9831157136 and our customer service team would be happy to serve you. So why wait? Just pick your phone and order us for your upcoming Upanayana celebration.

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