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How to Choose Cake with Flower Decoration?

flower decor cake

Find out how to choose cake with flower decoration from our experts. There are many facets of having flower decoration on a cake. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries are enhanced by selecting the right flower decoration. In this post we will discuss about the types of flower decoration and price estimation. A floral decorated cakes looks awesome – be it a wedding or anniversary cake , and even on birthday cakes for girls. Hundreds of customers like you have ordered floral cakes in Kolkata from Cakes and Bakes.

Types of flower decoration

cream flowers

Cream Flowers – Any whipped cream cake can have rosette which looks pretty nice. Typically rosettes are not cream flowers but it is budget friendly. You can choose with variety of cream shades. Without opting to fondant flowers , this can go on any simplistic design. Better cream flowers can be created using nozzles, if your design can accommodate them on top of the cake.

butter cream flowers

Butter cream flowers – Using buttercream, we create much better looking flowers. This flower decoration stays on nicely opposed to whipped cream cakes and opens variety of options which are more creative. However keep in mind, buttercream tends to melt quicker than the others , especially in a hot and humid place like Kolkata.

paper flowers

Paper flowers – They are very light weighted with various colour option to choose from. Paper flowers nowadays looks almost like fresh flowers. It is best fitted for tier cakes – heavier flowers may slide of the side. These are non edible even though you can find reuse for them at home after your event is over 🙂

Wafer Paper Flowers – This type of flowers are used widely in modern cake designs. It can be painted with realistic effect and is edible. Some our best designed flowers comes in this category , which allows lots of artistic creativity.

fresh flowers

Fresh flowers – These are real flowers available in the market. It’s only used for decoration and are non-edible. Some flowers cannot be used for cake decoration for the weight and being toxic to humans. Roses, Gerberas, Orchids, Lilies and a variety of fresh flowers can really make your cake pop out . However using real flowers should be avoided when your event and delivery time has a large time gap. Wilted flowers does not offer the same look and feel .

fondant flowers

Fondant flowers – It tastes nice and looks realistic. The weight is heavier and and price is costlier than other alternatives. Fondant flowers are always edible and somewhat sweeter than wafer paper flowers and leaves. Our team of bakers can create exquisite designs using fondant flowers.

Which flower décor for your event?

Flower decoration on cake depends on the occasion or event. For kid’s birthday parties you may not select paper flower or fresh flowers. The kids would be keener to have the cake and may not have interest on flower decoration. Though in birthday for adults you can opt for fresh flower or paper flower decoration. Events like wedding or anniversaries already have a floral decor in the event venue and hence a floral cake would be appropriate. Find a variety of cakes with flower decoration in our gallery section to choose from.

Pricing estimates for flower décor

The pricing for flower decoration on the cake depends on its type. Depending on the size of the cake the flower décor is arranged. Rosette based cakes or birthday cakes with cream based flowers on top will not increase your cost too much. Most of our cakes are priced per pound which is based on the flavour you choose. If your design includes buttercream flowers or pallete based design , the final cost would be discussed based on the picture. Coming to Fresh flowers , cost estimate for these are easy as we procure them from markets and flower shops which would be easy for you to know. In our experience, flowers like roses cost little steep during Wedding season but in other times it is around 25-30 even. However if you are looking not just to decorate the cake but also have a cake stand decoration, which includes the structure, leaves , gypsies and labour charges total will come around 2000 and above. Paper flowers available in shops selling home decor items or dedicated gift shops also can give you better understanding , even though they may not have as much variety.


At Cakes and Bakes in Kolkata we are open to take order for various types of flower decoration cake. For edible flowers we use quality ingredients to enhance the taste. For non-edible flowers we purchase best flowers from well-known flower markets. We also home delivery flower cake if you are located in Kolkata. We accept digital payments via Paytm, Gpay, Netbanking and UPI. You just need to give us a call at 9830341866 or 9831157136 and we would be glad to guide you.

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