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Barbie Theme Cake in Kolkata


“C’mon Barbie, Let’s go party.” Barbie was, is, and will be the most trusted and befriended doll by children, especially girls. Before the creation of ‘Barbie’, there weren’t any adult dolls. Dolls used to be kids. ‘Barbie’ was the first doll that not only amused the kids by being representative of adult women but also taught them to dream. In her recent battle with Dr. Oppenheimer, “the destroyer of the world”, Barbie has often been called “the queen of dreams”. The reason why Barbie has received massive popularity in every corner of the world since its very beginning is because Barbie fulfills a child’s desire to have a grown-up life. Barbie comes with accessories like dresses, shoes, and bags, and it is the child’s duty to prepare her. As the popularity of Barbie expanded with changing times, the inclusiveness portrayed through the production of Barbie dolls of different complexions and body shapes proved to be an excellent marketing strategy, making Barbie a friend to teenage girls as well. The Barbie movies, with their dreamlike settings and brave and courageous female leads, appealed to young girls.

The idea of a live-action Barbie movie was pitched by Oscar-winning director Greta Gerwig, and news of the production of the movie first came to light in 2020. The unique promotion strategy and marketing ideas, such as the battle with Oppenheimer, a Christopher Nolan film that arguably made it through the news feed of every cinephile, along with an ensemble cast and a killer storyline, made it immediately successful upon its release on July 21, 2023. Even in India, the pink craze, or Barbie madness, is pretty clear, as we see streams of people coming out of the cinema hall dressed in Pink attire. In Kolkata, Barbie is running successfully in major cinema halls such as INOX and PVR.

It would be an understatement to say that Barbie has been a part of pop culture. It has rather created a different culture—the Barbie culture. With the new movie being stellar, the culture is not difficult to notice. Barbie has successfully convinced women that “they can be anything.”. It’s not only about the madness of dressing up in pink and looking pretty; it’s more about making women believe in themselves and celebrating womanhood when the rest of the world laughs with “Women, ha, ha, ha” jokes.

Now, it is impossible to believe that a product as successful as Barbie wouldn’t have any impact on the food market. Barbie theme cake has become a popular theme for kids Birthday parties, where everything from cake to snacks has to be stuffed with pink. Barbie theme cakes in Kolkata are often made with pink cream in different shades and vanilla and strawberry material. They are topped with a Barbie figurine. It can be made with fondant icing as well.

With every social media platform flooding with images and ideas of Barbie cakes and cupcakes, if your taste buds crave a delightful Barbie cake too, you can call Cakes & Bakes, the beloved bakery popular in Kolkata. We offer a range of varieties, even in the Barbie Theme cakes. Since their beginning, Cakes and Bakes has been producing cakes that are not only a treat to the mouth but also to the eyes. They make both their items and customized cakes. In this Barbie mania, they have the perfect Barbie cake for any occasion, be it your little one’s birthday party or your anniversary. The most delicious thing about these cakes is that they are not only pink but strawberry and vanilla-flavored. Just like Barbie was later made in many complexions and shapes, Cakes & Bakes can make Barbie cakes of different flavors and colors while keeping the theme intact. So what are you waiting for? Order a cake and get carried away to Barbie Land.

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