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Annaprashan or Rice Ceremony Theme Cakes

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Annaprashan is a Sanskrit term, which literally means “grain initiation”. In English we also know this as rice ceremony. Annaprashan or Rice Ceremony is done when a baby is ready to make the trasnition from a liquid diet to a solid diet. In more simple term when a baby have their first food other than milk for the first time. It can be performed anytime from six months until before the first birthday. Annaprashan is usually performed during the even months for boys, in the child’s sixth or the eighth month. For girls, it is usually performed during the odd months, in the child’s fifth or the seventh month. To make the occasion more special we at Cake and Bakes in Kolkata get orders to make Annaprashan or Rice Ceremony cakes to suit the theme of the ceremony. We at Cakes and Bakes bake wide range of Annaprashan or Rice Ceremony theme cakes which you can browse through our product gallery and select the cake of your choice. Annaprashan or rice ceremony theme cakes provided by us tastes as good and comes in variety of flavours.

So, if you are looking for Annaprashan or Rice Ceremony cakes in and around Kolkata then Cakes and Bakes is the right place where you can order from. We use all branded ingredient as we do not compromise on our quality. You just need to connect us through Whatsapp or call us at 9830341866 or 9831157136 and our customer service team would be glad to help you. We accept digital payments via Paytm, Gpay, Netbanking and UPI. So, what you are waiting for? Order us to celebrate annaprashan or rice ceremony of your baby with cake cutting ceremony which could make the occasion more memorable.

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