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6 Month Baby Birthday Cake in Beckbagan


Are you looking for six-month birthday cake for your baby near Beckbagan? A six-month birthday cake maybe a new trend or fashion. But don’t bother with what grumpy oldies have to say. It’s a great feeling and a precious moment when the baby starts showing its cuteness day by day. At Cakes and Bakes near Beckbagan, we are a new age bakery where not only offer you the best designs ans themes, our products taste amazing too. We have made many 6 months baby theme cakes which you can choose from our gallery. You can also suggest innovative ideas the way you want your cake design to be. Be it a half cake or a full cake we have created all types of six months baby birthday cake. A six month birthday cake is often called a halfway to one cake. To create a cute looking theme based cake, fondant designs allow the best options where we can have small babies crawling on the surface. To reinforce halfway, we can have a small ladder . Colors can be customized as per your choice. But if you do don’t prefer fondant at all, we can have a cream based caked with paper toppers and maybe the name of edible print in the design.

Cakes and Bakes in Kolkata one of the finest online bakery houses delivers customized cake near Beckbagan and has the option to choose ample of flavour as per your taste bud and preference. You can also choose the shape of your choice be it half shaped, round, heart shaped customized cake, rectangular shape customized cake or round shaped customized cake our designer would guide you to decide the best customized cake as per your requirement. We at Cakes and Bakes offer home delivery within Kolkata at very affordable rate. We ensure to please our customers to the best satisfactory result possible by creating customized cake. Feel free to contact us and give us a call at 9830341866 or 9831157136 and our customer service team would be happy to guide you.

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